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Free 30day trial !4Screens helps you manage and run many more applications simultaneously by creating four separate Windows Screens, each with it's own Windows taskbar that you can use in your familiar manner. You can quickly switch between each screen and work on one group of programs whilst at the same time your other programs continue to run in the remaining screens.
No extra hardware required, no special alterations to your system or monitor. In no time you can be working on documents in one screen, the Internet in another, a game in another and you still have one to spare! Four Windows screens instead of one, easily accessed by a user friendly, 4Screens dashboard!  Each screen has its own Window's taskbar! No learning curve whatsoever! The result…an increase in productivity and more efficient utilization of your computer. Why stick to one screen when you can have four at minimal cost ? 

Features include:

  • Unique 4Screens dashboard for switching screens: 4Screens Dashboard 
  • Active-Icon which allows you to see the icon of the current application in each of your four screens. 
  • Active-Program-List which allows you to see which programs are running on each screen by simply placing your mouse over a 4Screens button. 
  • Multiple shapes, allows you to resize and re-shape the dashboard to suit your needs. 
  • Save Shape & Location, remembers the shape and location on the screen of your 4Screen’s dashboard the next time you use your computer.
  • Microsoft Office support, if you use MS Office’s launch bar, 4Screens ensures that you have it available in each of your four screens! 
  • Always in Front, you can ensure that the dashboard is always easily accessible by choosing it to be always in front of other applications on your screen. 
  • Keep-Running, when switching screens, 4Screens ensures that all your programs continue running whilst you are in a different screen.
  • Merge-All, should you wish to bring all your programs into one screen, simply choose to Exit 4Screens and automatically all your applications will be brought into a single screen. 
  • Online manual. 
  • Windows Install / Un-install support 
  • Can be used on all Windows platforms: Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP.
  • My-Password, lock out a particular screen with the use of a password. Handy when sensitive data is being displayed! 
  • Mini-Dashboard, you have the choice of using the full size dashboard ot the mini one located in your system tray of your Windows taskbar. 
  • Stay-Where-You-Belong, if a pop up window from one screen appears uninvited in a new screen, 4Screens will make sure it remains in the screen it belongs. 
  • My-Configuration, personalised settings and install for multiple users on a single computer. 
  • Personalised – Install. If more than one person shares the PC, each user can save his or her own settings. 
  • Sticky Windows - Now you can select an application and make it sticky making it available in all of your screens. New in version 3!
  • Hot Keys - Switch screens using your keyboard. New in version 3!
  • Ezy Tasklist & Go Direct To Application - You can now bring up a list of all the applications executing on your system and go directly to the application you require, no matter what screen you are currently residing in. New in version 3!
  • Ezy Wallpaper - select your own personalised background wallpaper for each of your screens.  New in version 3!


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